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Financial Regulations and Rules

Areas of work

Through the adoption of the concept of comprehensive care for orphans and their families, the Foundation aims through its projects, programs and activities to help raise the degree of integration targets in the community, and enable them to enjoy living conditions educationally and culturally, physically and socially better off without distinction of race, gender or religion, by providing a variety services and educational and cultural activities, social and health that are based on the actual needs of the community, consistent with the general requirements of human development, and works to stimulate and encourage community participation, community members and institutions, public and private, in the processes of identifying needs and setting priorities and planning projects and activities in target areas. The Foundation provides services in the scope of the village, and then expanded to include neighboring villages with the success of the idea, and the availability of funding.


Headquarters and labor regulations    
– The Wikimedia Foundation operates from its headquarters in the village of Uleila Arab Republic of Egypt, and have the right to open other branches in Egypt and abroad when needed, and taking into account the laws and regulations followed.
– The work of the Foundation database of all orphans in the village, and you create a “card orphan,” and include:
the definition o the orphan, and identify type (half-orphans, orphans, mother, orphan, orphans, father and mother married an orphan mother and father married)
o determine the type of dependency, based out: The widow, uncle, uncle, relatives, neighbors (who is the guardian of an orphan?)
o an inventory of all orphans in the village (families + members + Khatlon)
– The Foundation reserves the rules of updated data, including data who wish to volunteer time, and willing to contribute money or in-kind contributions or make cuts.
– All activities of the Foundation subject to the control of the Ministry of Social Solidarity Arab Republic of Egypt, and all decisions in accordance with the list of the statute adopted.
– All the Foundation’s projects based on feasibility studies, minutes, and approved by the Board of Trustees.
– Headquarters of the institution is equipped with the technical means to manage its work efficiently and effectively.
– Are selected according to the Foundation staff selection criteria include accurate scientific competence, administrative and religious and moral commitment, and receive training courses on a regular basis to raise their efficiency.
– There are rules and regulations covering the work of all the work of the institution, and ensure the greatest degree of transparency, efficiency and effectiveness.

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