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Institutional donors     
– International institutions and Arab and Egyptian submitted for grants and donations and gifts.
Strategic partners
– Charities operating within the village and the Centre
– The imams of mosques in the village
– The local village council
– Banks inside and outside Egypt
– Ministry of Social Solidarity – Egypt
– Social Fund for Development – Egypt.
– Businesses, shops operating in the vicinity of the village and the Centre
– Doctors and health centers operating in the vicinity of the village and the Centre
Contributions and donations
– Public donations are not earmarked for specific projects or programs
– Specific contributions for the orphans of certain families or specific
– Voluntary contributions earmarked for specific projects or programs
– The donor must give evidence that the donation was the purpose for which select it.

Coupons donation
Printed and a pool of good people in places of their communities:
– Shopping coupon food (categories: 30, 50 100 pounds)
– Coupon student bag (categories: 100 150 200 pounds)
– Coupon holiday clothes (categories: 100 150 200 pounds)
– Coupon household appliances (categories: 50.1002 million pounds)
– Other .. The same idea for specific projects

Accounts of the Corporation
Address: Aziz Street, district mosque Alkhuzamy, Village Olela – Mit- Ghamr – Dakahlia  Governorate – Arab Republic of Egypt
Phone and fax: (002) 0506070903

Registration and Publicity       
Registration Number: (1771) on 25/11/2009 in accordance with the law (84) for the year 2002
Directorate of Social Solidarity – Dakahlia Governorate – Egypt

Of contributions to the bank:
Beneficiary Name: Alkhuzamy charitable Foundation for the care of orphans and teaching the Koran
Bank Name: National Bank of Egypt – the branch of Mit-Ghamr,

Account number: 01002007957

Prefer to send all donations from outside Egypt, preferably in the form of a check sent by registered mail to the address above-mentioned institution paid for the benefit of the institution.
And accept all types of Zakat, donations, donations, endowments, and to ensure that the orphan, and stop teaching the Koran.

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